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Esther Manito: Crusade 4**** - One4Review

Esther Manito: Crusade 4****

| On 03, Aug 2019

Esther Manito is performing her debut Edinburgh hour with her show Crusade, based on her own personal crusade with life.
She was born in a village Essex to a Lebanese father and a Geordie mother and due to the cultural differences never really felt she fitted in and has struggled since to meet others expectations of her.
Esther has a multitude of stories of her life, a young mum, married to a quintessential Englishman, her shouty Arabic father, the school gate mummy mafia on-line trolling and experiencing confrontation at what turned out to be a gig infested with EDL types, oh and of course her hair. There is also a very funny section of kids being raised differently and the hipster approach, so much a change from ‘our day.’
Ms Manito is a confident comic with a likeability factor which can do her no harm. Her stage presence and delivery enhance her well written material and it is easy to see why she is doing so well, both nationally and internationally, a point illustrated only too well by her closing story.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon Turret
16.00 to 17.00
Until 26th (not 12th )

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