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Jenny Collier: The Jen Commandments 3*** - One4Review

Jenny Collier: The Jen Commandments 3***

| On 08, Aug 2019

Most of this show is your basic common-or-garden stand-up; nothing fancy, just solid material delivered by an experienced performer. Where Ms Collier lights up – and to which her audience respond with burgeoning enthusiasm – is in discussing, in blunt and uncompromising terms, sex, poo, and periods. Usually, though not always, as three separate topics. Ms Collier definitely has a penchant – and a talent – for talking about things in a manner both entirely relatable, and which makes you go, oh, squick. I palpably felt around half of the audience freeze during a particularly juicy anecdote about periods, and the other half laughed.

The show is a riff on some life-coach advice Jenny once read, which ties things nicely together and provides a vehicle for the funny. She demonstrates her crowd work credentials before the show-proper, and deals amusingly with the inevitable sound-bleed from the venue next door. There’s a good pace of laughter throughout, with a finale which leans on Jen’s talent for goading an audience with grossness.

Solid stand-up from a comedian with a wicked glint.

Reviewed by Laura

Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

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