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Tom Stade: I Swear 3*** - One4Review

Tom Stade: I Swear 3***

| On 12, Aug 2017

Tom Stade is a big, loud presence, even in a room as large as the Gilded Balloon’s Debating Hall. He may not have filled all the seats, but he easily filled the space on stage with his high energy constant flow. At times, he felt a little aggressive, but the audience loved it.

He talks to some of the front rows, finding out names, relationships and more, both warming the audience, but also giving himself people to bounce off, and regularly return to as the show progresses. He brings them in throughout his themes of getting older, his recent travels, the generation gap with social media, and more.

He veers into somewhat unnecessary misogyny at times – this is a pity, as it doesn’t feel that he needs this to get laughs, and he has the skill to write better material – my particular favourite being a gag about a certain Scottish-named fast food ‘restaurant’.

Reviewed by Gill
Gilded Balloon Teviot
Until 27th , Not Mons or Thurs

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