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Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science Show 4**** - One4Review

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show 4****

| On 12, Aug 2017

The long table full of science equipment, some covered up, bodes well for an interesting show. But will it also be exciting throughout? Will it genuinely be spectacular?

The answer is of course, yes. Mark Thompson says his aim is for the youngsters to be inspired, rather than specifically learn anything, but there is a lot there to be learned if young scientists are already eager, and the whooshes, mild ‘bangs’ and dramatic changes in state should keep any budding chemist’s full attention.

For example, he showed how to make Pyrex disappear, a way to build an ice tower simply using a bottle of chilled water and an ice cube, the crucial difference between hydrogen and helium, made a fire tornado, created elephant toothpaste, showed us DIY air-cannons, exploding mini rockets, a genie in a bottle, how to easily blow up a giant balloon, the terrifying nature of icing sugar, and an excellent use of the contents of nappies – before they’re used by baby, obviously.

Some of the experiments can be replicated at home, which adds to the fun.

I didn’t see Thompson’s show last year, but I have seen many of the same experiments done in other science shows, so to me, it didn’t feel as fresh as I would have liked.

However if you like the odd bit of science, or especially, are trying to inspire your children for the first time, then this show will be perfect.

Reviewed by Gill
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