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ForniKATEress 4**** - One4Review

ForniKATEress 4****

| On 11, Aug 2017

Best known as a political comedian and commentator, Kate Smurfwaite bucks the trend of analysing Trump or Brexit and gets back to a tried and tested topic – sex! Specifically, her own sex life in a polyamorous relationship with one main partner and several regular ‘chums’ – to borrow a term from the ‘chum-ette’ of one of these.

The show’s title was, as often with Smurfwaite, an intended insult from an internet troll. One of many angry idiots who feel the urge to write to her, these horrific, yet often illiterate ramblings are shared with us on slides at the start of the show. During the show, however, she explains this is not her “internet threats” folder, but a little more special than that!

Through the show, Smurfwaite answers the questions that usually get asked of polyamorous people, including getting members of the audience to ‘be’ her lovers and learn about the life-style, to keep the anonymity of those who aren’t ‘out’ about this. This meant lots of hilarity when audience members didn’t quite realize how to play along, while others had fun making their friend’s life tricky.

Before this sounds like one long brag, Smurfwaite is at pains to admit that things aren’t always simple and easy, and do take a lot of organisation. But she genuinely seems to love her life – not just the sexual, but in general – except possibly some of the attention on OK Cupid.

Overall, an hour of learning and laughing, that I thoroughly recommend. Go with, or without your partner(s) and you never know, maybe come away with a new one!

Reviewed by Gill
Banshee Labyrinth
Until 27th (not 15th)

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