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Twayne Mayne Black Girl 4**** - One4Review

Twayne Mayne  Black Girl 4****

| On 16, Aug 2017

Twayne Mayne is one of the very few, black female stand-up comedians at the Fringe this year, in fact she thinks she may be the only one, a sad reflection on the comedy world where middle class white male comic are everywhere.
Ms Mayne initially seemed a little nervous as she took to the stage, but when her opening gambits landed smoothly and got laughs, she grew into the strong performer she obviously is.
Ms Mayne took the near sell-out crowd through her fairly complex back story with the skills of a Fringe veteran, the somewhat dead pan style an ideal way to get both her message across and complement the well-crafted and funny material she had to offer.
There obviously was her growing up with initial disadvantages, the change of circumstances and a lack of role models, time in the Brownies, politics got a mention along the way too, oh and so did her imaginary character.
This is a very solid debut hour for a comic who should be going places. If her career progresses as I expect it could, then maybe she will become a role model for future generations.
Reviewed by Geoff
16.45 to 17.45
Pleasance This
Until 27th

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