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Carol Cates Lady Carol 3*** - One4Review

Carol Cates Lady Carol 3***

| On 08, Aug 2017

Back in 2009 Carol Cates as Lady Carol first came to my attention and blew me away. I have subsequently seen her perform quite a few times and felt she had a niche in the market that nobody got close to.
However, the 2017 Lady Carol has changed as I suppose we all do. The initial performances had mostly her amazing voice with few softly spoken links between a mixture of original and cover songs that show cased her vocal range and ukulele playing to great effect, this one at least 50% it seemed was her chatting telling amusing anecdotes and we even had a rap as well.
The show was quirky, disembodied voices on the sound track, the show ‘restarted’ several times, it even ‘starting in the middle’. I think this confused the audience a little too.
But the voice. It is still there and then some. Her range is outrageous, the softest ballads through to the full throttle belters, just brings shivers down my spine.
She is a charismatic performer without doubt but whether it was the day, the smallish audience not going with her or whatever I just was a little disappointed.
Reviewed by Geoff
Voodoo Rooms
18.30 to 19.30
To 27th (not 14th, 21st )

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