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Helen Duff: How Deep Is Your Duff? 3*** and a half - One4Review

Helen Duff: How Deep Is Your Duff? 3*** and a half

| On 08, Aug 2018

The title of this show is a sort-of vague innuendo, with a nod to the show’s lightly sexual themes, and the show itself works up to a peak, with the laughs coming ever more frequently and enthusiastically as the show progresses. That crescendo is reflected in Ms Duff’s delivery, which starts as calm and measured but returns to her more familiar runaway-train-style by the end of the show. There’s also an extra dash of sincerity in the finale discussing love, as if she can’t quite contain her squee.

There’s a mixture of styles in the show, with stories about her experiences, some wonderful visual pieces, a new jumpsuit put to excellent use, and some delightful mime. I really enjoyed the mime. Helen has an excellent face, and allowing the audience to participate made it funnier. Ms Duff is also very good with words, with some metaphors and analogies worked over to brilliant effect.

Some might be put off by some of the frank discussion about menstruation (it’s not particularly graphic, more factual and informative), or find her off-kilter and sideways manner a little disconcerting. But it’s all good fun, and everyone was on board by the end.

Reveiwed by Laura
Heroes @ The Hive, 21:00
Until 26th

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