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Jay Lafferty:- Wheesht!! 4 **** - One4Review

Jay Lafferty:- Wheesht!! 4 ****

| On 04, Aug 2018

The title of the show is explained as a Scottish language word meaning quiet, or a command to be quiet and there is little or no chance of getting Jay Lafferty to be quiet, and for heaven’s sake why would anyone want to? If that happened then everyone would miss out on an hour of excellent fun.
Ms lafferty strides onto the stage, owning it as she starts ‘her day job’ being a compere she is oh so good at chatting with the crowd, finding out information and using it to great comedic effect, laughs a plenty, prior to getting on with the business her 2018 show.
Jay thinks the world is too noisy, be it tinny iPhones, public video calls, bagpipes or simply the fact that social media gives everyone the chance to vent their opinions 24-7. And each is given her take, mixing humour with thought.
There is also herself. Always getting in trouble for chatting prior to walking, school reports, at US customs or even in a LA cowboy themed bar in her earlier years. Even Netflix reruns of US comedies are also part of the fare as is changing attitudes on what is acceptable.
In the jam-packed hour her energy never drops, the laughs free flowing and at the conclusion I am sure that everyone present was delighted that they had the opportunity to hold their own wheest and listen to her.
Reviewed by Geoff
Gilded Balloon Turret
18.30 to 19.30
Until 27th (not 20th)

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