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The Lost Matriarch 2 - 3*** - One4Review

The Lost Matriarch 2 – 3***

| On 24, Aug 2018

This is a fast paced sketch show with a message. We are taken to the The Lost Matriarch. It is a world where women are fasculine and men are meminine. It is a concept which is initially hard to get your head around but the feminist theme of the show is cleverly performed by our three leading ladies.

The role reversal theme of the show is demonstrated throughout. Sexism is clearly all around and hiding in plain sight. Obviously, this is a comedy show and there are laughs but the message is never far from the stage. There is a section in the show where a young man (who in the real world would be a woman) is cross examined by a judge about his sexual history. Number of sexual partners? Does he dress provocatively? How much does he drink? How much time does he spend in a public house? It’s all very thought provoking.

A clever and entertaining show.

***3 star
Reviewed by Margot

The Space on North Bridge
19:20 until Aug 26th

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