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Fast 5***** star - One4Review

Fast    5***** star

| On 24, Aug 2018


Fast is a dark psychological drama written by Kate Barton and directed by Kate Valentine. The title can be misleading. The “Fast” refers to the act of fasting. This, we are often told, can have many health benefits. Not to be taken to extremes.

The drama unfolds in Washington State. Two young English sisters voluntarily check themselves into the sanatorium run by “Doctor” Linda Hazzard. The sisters believe that they have stomach, digestion problems, and require treatment. They happened to read an article on the unconventional methods of Dr Hazzard. The idea of some sort of magic treatment, cure, appealed to them, and to the younger sister Claire, in particular. Claire believes that it will be some sort of retreat where they will be looked after, eat healthily and emerge after their stay renewed and reenergised. This is in stark contrast to the reality, which becomes immediately apparent, when the sisters arrive and are shown to their room.

This is an unsettling drama with a sinister lead character. Dr Hazzard, played brilliantly by Caroline Lawrie, is wonderfully sinister.

This is not a tale with a happy ending, but Dr Hazzard is brought to justice by the determination of newspaper journalist, or hack, as the doctor, refers to him.

Dr Hazzard believes that she is only vilified for her methods because she is a woman in a man’s domain of medicine. The negative headlines and articles, are all lies just to discredit her.

This is a first class, chilling drama and the four actors on stage, bring it to life brilliantly.

Reviewed by Margot
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