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Douglas Walker Presents: Of Christmas Past 3*** - One4Review

Douglas Walker Presents: Of Christmas Past 3***

| On 17, Aug 2018

I have to admit I thought twice about going to this show. I am not the most Christmassy type of person and a comedy show about Santa in August? Really?
But go I did and have to say it was a surprise to me, I sort of expected stand-up where I think this production suits better to be in theatre or spoken word. That is not he say it isn’t funny at times, it is, Walker works hard to contrive Christmas references throughout the narrative of this 100 miles an hour performance.
There is no doubt that Walker is a talented performer, he is good at accents, can relate this fable of Father Christmas with the aid of a huge soft drink company, politicians, celebrities generally making the whole adult fairy story come to life.
So is Santa the benevolent giver of toys to every boy and girl or is this seemingly altruistic chap perpetrating a ruse for the company and a succession of a multitude of historical people.
It was a well performed piece of nonsense and I am guessing I will not be the only one recalling this show once the festive period is upon us
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly Clover
22.50 to 23.50
Until 26th

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