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Carey Marx :- Carey, Carey, Quite Contrary 4**** - One4Review

Carey Marx :- Carey, Carey, Quite Contrary 4****

| On 12, Aug 2018

Carey Marx is doing his 13th Edinburgh show he tells us and this award winning comic is as usual entertaining everybody as only he can. There is something about how he constructs his show that allows him to get away with material that other comics would not. Could it be the cheeky grin and twinkle in his eyes that takes the edge off?

Marx is the master of misdirection, leading the audience in one route only to turn it around. He is also good at interacting and often is the butt of his own stories… or is he?

Black comedians use of language, self-identifying, festival stories, suitcases, a sing song, dating site plenty of Fish, Australian bats and remote control sex toys are some of the stories and stopping off points in the laughter packed hilarious hour.

Marx has a massive personality and charisma by the bucket load, that, together with well-constructed and delivered material ensure that everybody has a laugh throughout. And then there is Parsnip. His cute teddy bear that has in previous years been used to soften his more risqué stories. To find out how he features go see for yourselves.


Reviewed by Geoff

Whistlebinkies Binkies Lounge

17.15 to 18.15

Until 26th (not 14th)


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