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Phill Jupitus: Sassy Knack 3*** - One4Review

Phill Jupitus: Sassy Knack 3***

| On 18, Aug 2018

A song, some admin, and we were off: the story of the day Mr Jupitus got his honorary doctorate, with some detours and occasional side-streets along the way. What should be expected of an hour of stand up by Phill Jupitus? That it will be intelligent? We definitely got that. That it will be hilariously and continuously funny? Jury out on that.

How do you rate the ‘funniness’ of a comedian, especially since comedy is subjective? I’ve been in rooms where I did not find a single word the slightest bit amusing, but since the rest of the crowd were rolling in the aisles, one can understand that the comedy was funny. So if the audience weren’t laughing overly much or overly frequently in this show, do we conclude the ‘funniness’ index was relatively low?

As you’d expect, Jupitus is a consummate performer: fluent, articulate, excellent pacing and rhythm, evocative descriptions drawn out for their comedy and their atmosphere, accentuated just enough by facial expression, gesture and exclamation. The story he told was ostensibly quite innocuous, but Phill miraculously manages to draw out sufficient comedy to build a show. This isn’t an un-enjoyable hour – indeed, it’s quite lovely – but in a younger comic, I might consider that ‘fans will love this, even if new audiences aren’t won over’.

One thing he has definitely mastered is the show blurb: ‘old man Jupitus will tell you things which have happened to him, but will exaggerate wildly’. This show was exactly that.

Reveiwed by Laura
The Stand 3&4, 16:30
Until 26th

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