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Mark Simmons:- One-Linerererer 4**** - One4Review

Mark Simmons:- One-Linerererer 4****

| On 10, Aug 2019

In the forty words that you are allowed to put in the Fringe brochure to describe your show Mark Simmons has elected to just put the word joke 40 times. Is that lazy? Don’t think so as it is an exact description as to what his 50 minutes consist of literally one liner after one liner, with one or two breaks for the audience to catch their breath before another assault on the laughter and muscles with the next segment.

Simmons thoughtfully has a menu of topics he will bombard his packed house with, and stick to it he does even ticking of each section one by one as he progresses.

Like other of his genre the humour is often pun and misdirection heavy, but that goes down oh so well with the crowd, even if there is the occasional time lag in the laughter bellowing out.

As always Mark likes a running gag or two and of course they are there, as the absolute master of his craft he strings one and all along.

The room he is playing in a dungeon in Niddry Street is not the most comfy this festival, but the quality of the entertainment more than makes up for the slightly uncomfortable chairs.

As part of the PBH Free Fringe entry is free but a donation is desired on leaving. Bear in mind also it is a popular show and the queue builds up early so don’t miss out.


Reviewed by Geoff

PBH at Banshee Labyrinth Chamber Room

16.50 to 17.40

Until 24th

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