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Stephen Buchanan - Baby Dove 5***** - One4Review

Stephen Buchanan – Baby Dove 5*****

| On 13, Aug 2019

Stephen Buchanan was crowned the winner of the BBC New Comedy Award 2018. This, it seems, was enough to persuade Stephen to give up his job in a large supermarket and concentrate on comedy full time. A good choice. Stephen Buchanan has a very engaging personality. His warm relaxed approach to comedy immediately draws you into his world of observations and experiences.

There are many tales of growing up in Glasgow and living with his mum. Indeed, at the age of twenty eight, he still resides at home, with mum. His mother made the decision to take in a refugee. This has been a positive experience. Here Stephen explores the theme of prejudices. We all have them and experience it in different ways. Refugees face very obvious prejudice. Stephen himself, as a short man, has experienced many prejudices, mainly from women on Tinder! Who it seems, would way rather date a murderer, than a short man.

Stephen is from Glasgow. We hear that the city is a confusing mix of high statistics for certain violent crimes but also has much to offer vegans!

The material is good and the delivery is relaxed in style, yet there is a witty sharpness and an inner confidence that will take him far. Tonight the venue is packed and there is a buzz. The accolades are well deserved. A great talent.


The Pleasance Courtyard (The Cellar)
20.30 (1hr)
Until Aug 25th

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