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The Listies Make You Lol 4**** - One4Review

The Listies Make You Lol 4****

| On 17, Aug 2017

Rich and Matt, aka The Listies, certainly keep to their promise of having us laugh out loud. In fact, they had us laughing, shouting, jumping and cheering. The Australian duo – straight man Rich and dim but lovely Matt, have an amazing chemistry that keeps us entertained throughout. They are very silly and there is no shortage of poo and fart jokes, falling over and general craziness.
Highlights for me include the imagined car journey, complete with sounds effects, travel sickness and audience participation. Another was when two members of the audience were taken on stage to re-enact the retro video game Pong, which certainly kept the older viewers entertained.
Mums and Dads (and Grandparents) appeared to be enjoying the craziness on stage as much as the children. As expected there is no real story line. This is more like comedy for kids, as the title would suggest. Prior to the show, the Listies had hidden ‘aliens’ under our seats. It was brilliant fun to see hundreds of kids launch them on stage, and certainly helped to end the show on a high.
A must see this year for lots of silly, belly laugh fun.

Reviewed by Claire
Pleasance Courtyard
August 17-20

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