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Josh Pugh A Boy Named Pugh 4**** - One4Review

Josh Pugh   A Boy Named Pugh  4****

| On 24, Aug 2017

The name of the show is slightly ironic as halfway through the show Josh informs us that “Josh Pugh isn’t even my real name”. He thought that it didn’t quite pack the celebrity punch. “No, my real name is Johnny Showbiz”!
Josh is a very engaging young man. His nervousness is endearing. After a mere two years of performing, Josh has won, and is indeed, the current holder of the English Comedian of the Year.
This is Josh’s debut at the Fringe and this is an impressive debut. He tells stories and he tells jokes. He is very nearly the whole package.
His material doesn’t quite flow, although there is an ongoing theme of a film that he is trying to flog to some producers, of a young Josh making his way from an early calling to mega stardom, as a stand up. There is also a Bob Dylan running joke.
Josh is clearly a natural talent. I love his slight vulnerability. You do feel that a mean heckler might take him down at any time. But hey, that’s part of his appeal, and nerdy charm.
Go see him. Very entertaining.
review by Margot
Pleasance Courtyard Bunker One
19.15 to 20.15
until Aug 28th

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