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Nick Cody – On Fire 4*** - One4Review

Nick Cody – On Fire 4***

| On 24, Aug 2017

I think if central casting wanted to cast a perceived 30 year old Aussie male then they wouldn’t have to look far past Nick Cody for the perfect specimen.
Cody fits the bill perfectly. He is 30. Check, He loves beer. Check. A meat eater. Check with an inability to understand vegans. A love of chocolate. Check. Seemingly over confident. Check. And he used to be good at sport at high school. Check. Job done.
But what Nick brings to the party over and above all this is a whole raft of funny anecdote liberally laced with his inherent sense of humour, telling the stories without any frills, just him and his wit.
The Cow barn is a huge space and it is difficult to inject atmosphere into it, yet he manged it with stories as diverse as getting caught short in a lift in the States, his recent wedding to Lucia, their honeymoon in Vietnam, winter sports at Altitude festival, a vegan barbecue, his hatred of flash mobs are just some of the stopping off points in the well-constructed free flowing hour.
Cody claims his sense of humour is inherited from his mum. Well if what he says is accurate then maybe there is room for two Codys in next years Fringe.
Reviewed by Geoff
Underbelly Cowbarn
20.20 to 21.20
Until 27th

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