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Five Alive! The Musical

August 17, 2011 |

2 stars


In interesting premise but ultimately bland and boring. Two men, rather than the five you might expect, ‘act’ through this piece and sing the bands ‘hits’ which are instantantly forgettable and all so repetitive. The last … Read More

Orpheus & Eurydice

August 15, 2011 |

4 stars **** This was lovely, with some beautiful and poignant moments. Both actors sing well, with Eurydice having a beautiful voice – her spoken dialogue could be clearer though, some American slurring made it difficult for these Scottish ears … Read More

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

August 12, 2011 |

5 Stars *****

Showstopper’s fourth Fringe run continues to flourish. The Improvised Musical that gets the audience to make up the show is a joy to watch from beginning to end.

Last night, ‘Bloody Jazz Hands’ the story of … Read More


August 10, 2011 |

4 stars


An excellent production of Pippin by an enthusiastic and well-drilled cast. Not sure if the updating ideas made much difference but the cast deliver a strong performance and, although un-miced, have good projection and diction which only … Read More

I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change – Why Not? Musical Theatre Company

August 1, 2011 |

**** 4 Stars

Why Not? Musical Theatre Company are staging this ever popular and enduring musical in Fringe 2011 as their latest foray into the world’s biggest Arts Festival and as usual they have a couple of previews in their … Read More