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The Romeo & Juliet Syndrome

August 8, 2006 |

This is an interesting piece of theatre that I presume is self written and, as one could expect, there is a huge homage paid to the Bard. Welcomed into the venue by two fairies, Meridith, Letty Butler and Gladys, … Read More

Tick My Box!

August 8, 2006 |

Tick my Box is a funny hours worth of comic characters and acting as Iseult Golden and Carmel Stephens pay the organisers, Siobhan and Seamus, together with the participants in a speed dating evening. These talented ladies wrote the … Read More

Bloggers  –  Real Internet Diaries

August 8, 2006 |

Blogging, where one writes a somewhat personal account of their life and posts it on the internet, is one of the most popular themes of Fringe 2006. Connected Theatre Company have taken a number of real blogs, changed the … Read More

Did You Used to be R.D. Laing

August 8, 2006 |

Mike Maran tells the story of the life of R.D. Laing with great affection and sincerity. R.D. Laing as a doctor had a huge effect on the development of psychiatric medicine in the latter half of the 20th Century. … Read More

Get Carter

August 8, 2006 |

Get Carter from the well respected Red Shift Theatre Company is yet another of plays adapted from major movies this one bas on a70’s epic starring Michael Caine. The first impression on entering the theatre is that this is … Read More

Janey Godley’s ‘The Point Of Yes’

August 8, 2006 |

For years I have only know Janey Godley as an excellent stand-up comedian, but this was not stand-up, this was a one woman play and she had written it as well. Set in the Glasgow suburb of Carlton in … Read More

Moby Dick Rehearsed

August 8, 2006 |

Not long after the release of the book ‘Moby Dick’ by Melville, an American town decides to do a read through of the new novel.  This Orson Welles’ adaptation was originally produced in both London and New York and … Read More

Sequinned Suits & Platform Boots

August 8, 2006 |

Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots, written and directed by Mark Wheeller, has as it’s focus the Glam Rock era of British pop music, and I’m afraid to admit it is a period of time I remember only too well. … Read More

Top Gun

August 8, 2006 |

It has become quite the thing to take big screen movies and put them on the stage and I was amazed that this film that heavily features fighter jets and their dog fights should be attempted. However, it was, … Read More