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Theatre 2006 Archives - Page 12 of 12 - One4Review

Levelland By Rich Hall

August 8, 2006 |

When radio is your life you never know who you’ll be in touch with through your talk show!  Gas is in short supply, non-essential vehicles are rusting in the front yards, electricity supplies are irregular/ unreliable, you’re stockpiling gas … Read More

Spite The Face

August 8, 2006 |

Can you imagine a life without smell? I believe there are people living with this affliction. It is not just aroma,  80% of taste is perceived through the olfactory senses. If you had had no sense of smell from … Read More


August 8, 2006 |

Blogging seems to be one of the more popular themes at this years Fringe, some done well, others less so, therefore I thought yet another play, how well will this one be done. The answer was it was done … Read More

Girl in Box

August 8, 2006 |

The company of Emma Bailey, Natasha James, Richard Jackson and Broderick Chow who also wrote and edited the piece devised this piece of part drama, part physical theatre. Alan, Richard Jackson, and Nina, Natasha James are brother and sister … Read More

Moon The Loon

August 8, 2006 |

Keith Moon. Drummer of The Who. Probably the best drummer of his time. A tortured soul. This play set between 1970 and 1974, was written by Chas. Early, who also stars as our hero is in a quandary. The … Read More

True West 

August 8, 2006 |

Phil Nichol and Tom Stade perform ‘True West’ with Dave Johns and Janice Connolly.  Successful if geeky LA screenwriter Austin (Phil) is house-sitting for his mom (Janice) whilst he is putting the finishing touches to his latest blockbuster.  He … Read More

Cooking With Puccini

August 8, 2006 |

Jeffrey Mayhew and Lynsey Tash bring us ‘Cooking with Puccini’ directed by Guy Masterson. Giacomo Puccini is the world’s most popular composer, having written La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, Tosca and Turandot amongst others. He is also known to have … Read More

Into The Hoods

August 8, 2006 |

Most hip-hop, street modern dance shows can get a little boring, one set of street moves after another. ‘Into the Hoods’ takes this to another level adding a fairly well known story and mixing it up a little. We … Read More

Pop Art

August 8, 2006 |

Billed as a brand-new pop acappella experience this five-piece troupe from Amsterdam bring a mature slant to this years experience. They offer a mix of dance, comedy and singing. Paul Klooté – low bass, Hans Cassa – bass baritone, … Read More