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Ross Noble - Noodlemeister - One4Review

I have had the pleasure of seeing this genial Geordie for years now and each year he just gets bigger and bigger. As part of his national Noodlemeister tour, Ross stops off at the massive Edinburgh International Conference Centre for five nights and such is the demand for tickets, that he has had to add 3 extra shows and no doubt they will be sold out already.

Ross was, as always, the consummate professional. He plays to this massive room as if it were a small comedy club, including everyone and it had the feel that he was just chatting to his mates over a pint in the pub.

His style has always been that he wanders all over the place, both physically as he covers every inch of the stage and with his material, starting off going down one avenue, only to get sidetracked, but usually returning sometime later to complete his original story.

Noble has always interacted with his audience and he had a front row ‘gift from above’ with a customs officer who provided the source for a large part of original and sometimes wacky material of this two hour plus set.

The topics under discussion during this performance included cheap market socks, his experiences on tour in the Scottish Highlands, attention deficit children and of course the myriad of openings for stories from questioning our customs officer, but I would be willing to bet that each show is entirely different, depending on what information is gleaned from the audience that night.

Genius is a work that is probably used too often, but I feel that it is totally applicable in this case. Ross certainly is ‘The Meister’, Noodle or otherwise.

I would suggest that if there are still tickets available get one today, I know you will not be disappointed.


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