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Pam Ann: Flyinghigh - One4Review

PAMANAustralian Pam Ann has produced a stylish and razor sharp blend of humour for our enjoyment. She plays the role of the air hostess the prospective traveller would not want to meet for real.

The opening consists of a hilarious film sequence in which she gives the safety spiel in the event of an emergency. If you are queasy about flying this will provide you with no reassurance!

After this warm up, she makes her entrance and delivers a routine poking fun at the the cabin crew of different air lines. She ranges from the cheap and cheerful Easy Jet to the plastic image of her American counterparts. Her Singaporean take off is a hoot.

She moves effortlessly into her final sequence where she takes the audience on an imaginary flight with realistic sound effects. She has the stage presence to sustain the humour all the way to the final touch down interacting with her “passengers” on the way.

Combining film, music and biting material, and, forgiving the obvious pun, Pam Ann is a performer who should fly high this year.


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