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Meeting Joe Strummer - One4Review

Punk was never my choice of music, but anyone who was alive and over 10 in the late 70’s will have been aware of his music the song ‘London’s Calling’ became a sort of anthem for a generation. Written and directed by Paul Hodson from an original idea from Steve North, who also performs the piece with Nick Miles. Nick, Steve and Paul all hold Strummer as a hero and once the idea was planted the research started. Books, letters, TV and film clips were studied and friends and admirers interviewed, the show ‘Meeting Joe Strummer’ is the culmination and correlation of all the research. It is obvious that chunks of Nick and Steve’s personal pasts are included in the script and their passion for the subject matter is equally evident. It is also notable that it is not so much a biopic of his life as much as the way the man’s persona, charisma, lyrics, music and performances affected his fans. Not so much aware of Steve’s career I had seen Nick in TV shows prior to Emmerdale and was therefore acquainted with some of his acting and could see the differences between the two Although not a fan prior to seeing its show I am interested in listening to his music over again. An extremely interesting show well written and performed an absolute must for any Strummer or Clash fans. *****

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