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Classic Entertainment - One4Review

Mr Winchester (Dan Skinner) and Tommy (Tom Verrall) perform a marvelous, spoof throwback to a North of England style double act. None of this fancy alternative comedy for them – jokes and innuendo is their type of comedy; Freddie Starr and Bernard Manning are their kind of comedy hero. Mr Winchester is the dominant one whilst Tommy begins like a sycophantic echo that, at times, just goes too far. We also learn that Tommy has just been taken on due to the sudden disappearance of Mr Winchester’s wife Sylvia. Her disappearance becomes a running theme as Tommy becomes more and more cheesed off with Mr Winchester’s continual disapproval.  There is all manner of silly nonsense, the Name Game, an attempt at an improvised sketch which goes horribly wrong and even ventriloquism. Despite all the sending up, the timing between the two characters is brilliant. How does it all finish? It ends, of course, with a dance routine. Their show is really well scripted and the laughs just keep coming from their first entrance to their final exit.  ****

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