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Neil Delamere: DelaMere Mortal - One4Review

5 Stars


Neil Delamere is a comic I have been impressed with for a number of years now, and he is yet another from the endless conveyor belt that seems to exist in Ireland.

Starting with the usual bit of audience interaction prior to getting into his set, Delamere leaves everyone aware that it is a lighting wit they are talking to, always with a twinkle in his eye. It is obvious he is enjoying himself as much as the crowd and that raised the pleasure factor further.

He has some vintage footage of a young Neil on a TV programme and keeps going back to it to illustrate points in his repartee.

Neil obviously has a bit of the devil in him, ask his neighbours about parking, but there is more. High class material, surprise topics, genuine belly laughingly funny throughout a total well rounded hour of entertainment.

If I had to highlight my favourite section, it was the suggestion of Scotland applying for the Olympics ton have fun with the countries vests. Genuine class there.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Above

1-26 August (not 13)

21-00 to 22-00

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