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Russell Kane – Easy Cliché & tired Stereotype - One4Review

If ever there was a young up and coming comedian who is destined to the very top then that has to be Russell Kane. I first witnessed him a year or two year ago in both The Comedy Zone and also in So You Think Your Funny, each time he was head on shoulders above the others in my opinion. I cannot be alone in my opinion of the high energy Essex based comedian as he is constantly on the Pleasance sell out board with tickets at a premium. The non-stop way he moves about his space, constantly making eye contact with everyone makes me tired and I’m just sitting watching, but what I don’t tire of is his sense of humour and material on taboo subjects as clichés and stereotypes. Kane explores the audience origins and gives examples of the best, or should that be worst of their traits, but does so with his own style that offence really cannot be taken especially as he is often the butt of his stories. To illustrate his points, he is joined three times by Sadie Hasler and they perform three sketches, not something that is the norm for a stand-up gig, but since when did Mr Kane conform to the norm? By now I expect it will be difficult to obtain a ticket for him, but if the opportunity does present itself, grab it with both hands. *****

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