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Danny Robins  Dannyfest - One4Review

According to our host by the year 2525, cue for a song, everyone in Britain will be having their own Festival given the way thee numbers are growing yearly, so ever the innovator, Robbins has got in first with his own one man festival entitled Danny Fest. He arrives with essential festival supplies, toilet roll, mushrooms, annoying bongos and the ever necessary hippy repellent and we are all set to go. With a dance tent, a main stage, a chill out area, guest rapper / HSE Officer Doc Brown, festival food, environmental innovations and of course the inevitable problem of mud not to mention his alternative to hallucinogenic drugs  all bases are covered. Robbins has thought this show out well and there is lots of laugh out loud moments throughout not least as he compares his own Fest with the big ‘G’ run by Michael Eavis and his finale just has to be witnessed. At the moment, like Mr Eavis not all Danny Fest tickets are sold, so here’s you chance to see how a one man fest can be run for when you get ready to launch yours. ****

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