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Edinburgh on Sea - One4Review

Having enjoyed Liz Bentley’s ‘other’ show last week I decided it was about time I headed back to the swimming pool venue for another dose of music, performance poetry and a generally good time to see what the lady has in store for us all this time. Ms Bentley started off the proceedings with one of her songs and then introduced her first guest, Scarlett Billows who entertained the audience with three songs and a tiny touch of burlesque before cooling off in the pool and assisting Liz and others in a demonstration of synchronised swimming. There was more poetry from Simon Lilley delivered from the pool, and Rachel Pantechnican also performed some poetry and treated us to a private viewing of a children’s book she had created. A song from Liz preceded the stand up talents of Alex Vesuvius who fully clothed delivered his set from the pool. There was then a pool game, literally, before Liz played the final song and another entertaining hour had come to an end There is something about both of Ms Bentley’s shows that just appeal to me. They are not the best technically, the acoustics see to that. Probably part of the appeal is the casualness of the show, a bunch of mates enjoying themselves and entertaining the public as well. Good on you girl. ****

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