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Lunch with the Hamiltons - Just Desserts - One4Review

Neil and Christine Hamilton bound onto stage simply brimming with enthusiasm, bursting to kick off their lunchtime show.  The following few minutes are slightly tortured as they try to make the audience laugh with digs at Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Max Mosley.  It doesn’t work very well but then the Hamiltons aren’t particularly well known for their stand up routines.  Neil in particular seems obsessed with the recent Mosley shenanigans and it’s up to Christine to reign him in, which becomes a running theme throughout the show.   This is where their laughs lie. The Hamiltons proceed to invite a number of Fringe performers onto their couch for a rather lovely lunchtime discussion.  Dave Benson performed a number from his Noel Coward show, Stephen Grant popped in to give us a taste of his humour and Camille stunned the audience with her powerful vocal performance. As a chat show it works very well.  Christine is adept at handling the guests as well as constant interruptions from Neil, who is perched on the arm of a couch like a small child demanding attention.  The Hamiltons allow their guests the time and space to talk about their performances and Christine probed their answers well. The chat is relaxed and friendly and you almost feel like an extra guest at a dinner party.   The ending is a bit of a shambles as a bizarre audience participation game is shoe-horned in.  Christine strides around the stage, marshalling everyone into position whilst Neil simply ambles about grinning at the chaos which surrounds him.  It’s the type of show which will set you up for the day ahead – entertaining without being too demanding. ***

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