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James Sherwood Songs of Music  - One4Review

In a sense this is a review of a review. Accompanying himself on keyboards, James Sherwood casts a critical eye over the lyrics of many well known pop songs. He has a pleasing singing voice which does help to put across the humour in a persuasive way. He has a particular obsession with grammatical accuracy. He can demonstrate examples of errors in the use of the subjunctive tense and split infinitives. Sounds pedantic, but he can reveal the faults and their remedy in a very witty manner. As a songwriter, he explained how topical songs can quickly become redundant, despite many hours of toil. For example, he had penned a Tory bashing song. Given the current state of the opinion polls, this song is now well out of date, but he performed it anyway. The highpoints of his show are when he performs his own songs with fully developed inventive lyrics. His combination of musical humour and patter between songs is a winning format. ****

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