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The British Ambassador's Belly Dancer - One4Review

This is the true story of Nadira Murray, “from the slums to the Ambassadorial palace of Uzbekistan”. Nadira’s life starts off in a kind of idle as part of Russia her parents are classically trained thespians and are held in high esteem. Yet after independence they became the lowest of the low. From a privileged position her family are now paupers fighting to make a living in any way they can, including drug smuggling. Nadira takes us through her life of highs and lows until the present day and her almost self imposed exile. The pivotal moment being her meeting and subsequent relationship with the English Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Despite this being factual recent history, i.e. that of the 21st century, I had been blissfully unaware of this lady until attending her Fringe show. Her appearance is that of a physically attractive exotic flower, her drama training has obviously enhanced her inherent story telling abilities and her life’s lessons keep our full attention with subtle glimpses of mysteries to come. Until at the very end of her show we see some of the Belly Dancing that changed her life. This show despite being a part of current historical fact is anything but dull and enables us not only a glance into what is happening in former eastern block countries but also that the historical image of the traditional English gentleman is not quite dead and gone. **** For further information go to  

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