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The Jonah Boy - One4Review

A tiny Island lives on the luck the sea cares to send it. One stormy night the youngest Islander falls asleep whilst counting the stars to be woken by the song of a Whale. Beached on the shore not far from him the Whale moves her fins and rolls her eye at him. In his mind she is there and therefore lives, only things and people who are gone are dead. Seventeen going on seven he speaks only the truth never having learnt how to tell lies. How will he cope when the islanders chop her up to keep the bones away from officials from the mainland? Performed by The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama you know immediately you are going to get a quality production. Most of the performers are doing / have done the one year postgraduate course. The 21 students in the postgraduate course have formed a repertory company for the Fringe. It is possible these are the Western or Broadway stars of the future. The company are performing four shows ‘The Jonah Boy’, The Spitfire Grill’, ‘Whisky Kisses’ and ‘Zanna, Don’t’. The company for Jonah Boy is Bart Williams, Darren Brownlie, Onur Orkut,Derek Mc Ghie, Zhu Qi, Alex Malone, Kirsty Malone Stephanie Callow, Craig Carter, Olivia Cho, Anna Clayton and Stephanie Lynd. The band David Higham, Emily Walker and Louis Abbott ****

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