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Bloodbath The Musical - One4Review

I love musicals and while Musical Theatre @ George Square provide the opportunity to see several new musicals I jump at the chance. Bloodbath the musical is one of these. Sanctuary Films Ltd present this ‘new fun rock musical’ that is exactly what it is. Set in Nixonville where the perfect all American sugar n spice lifestyle has been shattered by the murder of young nubile girls. The only obvious link is that each died whilst wet! Causing the murder to be christened ‘The Water Man’. With a very small yet superbly talented cast this musical rocks. Very tongue in cheek it is just fun and bitchyness from start to finish.  David Young and Julie Maguire’s music along with Tony McHales lyrics create some musical numbers to hum, particularly “To Serve and Protect”. The clever staging provides extra entrances and exits whilst showing what is behind each panel if required. It appears Bloodbath is already gaining quite a following as some audience members are returning and joining in. With its good storyline, if a little contrived and obvious at times, its fun music and snappy numbers you just want to be part of the action add a cast that is sure to appeal to almost everyone it is no wonder you want to jump up at times clapping and cheering. Oh could we get a CD please? This extremely talented cast have a wide and varied pedigree from stage, TV and film work to a pop career, which included several top 10 hits. The cast are Gary Amers, Danielle Corlass, Antony Costa, Carina Gillespie, Kelly-Ann Gower, Ream Grays, Ciara Janson, Siobhan McCarthy, Cameron Neilson, Amy Pemberton, Harry Rogers, Lucas Rush and Kerry Winter.  Peter Faint is the musical director and plays keyboards with Brian Streeter on guitar, Dave Storer on bass guitar and Steve Hamper on drums. Murder, malice, mayhem and music. Don’t be wet, rock down to George Square theatre and witness ‘Bloodbath’ the Musical. Honestly girls don’t get wet or who knows you could be next! *****

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