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Matt Green: Truth & Pleasure - One4Review

In 1999 during the ‘Footlights’ Millennium Cruise we became aware of a young redheaded performer Matt Green. Over the years Matt has performed at the Fringe in one show or another. This was my first chance to see Matt’s stand up and I was absolutely delighted by his performance. Mat may be short in stature and still look like a school kid but boy does he prove good things come in small packages. Matt has a selection of 6 topics on his board followed by Rap, he engages his audience fairly early on, in a very nice non-threatening way, utilising members to choose which topic comes next. This means he has to be very adaptable, as no two shows will run to the same order. The stories he tells are very amusing with some down right hilarious. I will never be able to go through a train station without looking at all the rubbish bins. If you are prepared to cook for an hour you can witness the proving of this young comedian as he develops and rises in prominence if not stature. He may be green in name but certainly not in nature. I hope you love this talented young man as much as I do see him before he sells out! ****

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