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Short Skirts - One4Review

This sounds like a joke in itself. Three Aussie girls, one blonde, one brunette and a redhead walk into a bar…. No it’s no joke , Blonde Shannon Woodford, brunette, Marie Connelly and redheaded Halley Metcalfe are doing their show Short Skirts as part of the Laughing Horse Free Fringe. First up was Shannon. She seemed slightly nervous in her opening but quickly settled and had some pretty good material about Aussies living in London. Marie Connelly was next, seeming more confident,  and was straight into her set and she had a whole different bag of gags to draw from. Some of her stuff is slightly darker than others but in general I thought she did well and was entertaining throughout. Halley Metcalfe closed the gig with a set of fairly self-deprecating material in general. A major chunk of her time was about the period she lived with her grandma, who if it was all true must have been gift from the Comedy God. The gig I saw was their opening one and there certainly was potential there for it to be a really good, and I enjoyed the time spent with them.   ***    

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