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Life of Si : Si Harder - One4Review


3 Stars

‘As part of the £5 Fringe, two up and coming comics, Sy Thomas and Simon Fielding are presenting this hour of their take on comedy to enthusiastic audiences daily.’

This was how I started my review of their show last year, and it is appropriate I start with it again as that is how these two started their 2010 show with a reprise of last years.

I went on to say I felt they needed to decide whether they wanted to do sketches, stand-up or VT skits as it was too much of an amalgam of styles. Well, this year the stand-up has gone, but there is even more VT stuff, albeit funny, I prefer to see my acts live instead of clever edits on screen,, but maybe that is where the lads see themselves. On TV. I could definitely see a slot for them as Children’s TV presenters a la Dick and Dom. They have the look and the disposition to excel.

I believe they could find success as mainstream entertainers too, for me they should just stick to the live ideas.

The room was fairly full when I attended and they went down pretty well in general, and at only £5-00 ticket price it is a snip.


Reviewed by Geoff

GRV  Venue 274

6 to 30 August

18-40 to 19-40

Fringe Brochure P 89

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