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MacKenzie Taylor: No Straightjacket Required - One4Review

4 stars


It is not always a good idea to attempt to repeat an experience I have found. However, I so enjoyed this show last year that when I saw that MacKenzie was treating Edinburgh Fringe goers to a repeat performance I decided to go again.

The show is in essence a chapter of a very dark period of this larger than life comic’s life and as with the best of stories, is a true and often poignant tale which, like me, had this preview audience both hanging on his every word yet getting plenty of laughs along the way.

Taylor has a condition that requires constant medication and this does have a huge bearing on the tale he relates. It cannot be easy telling a story like this at anytime, let alone when you are baring your soul with it being your own story, but he captivated me with the show last year and twelve months later I was captivated all over again.

I will not attempt to précis his tale, I couldn’t do it justice. It has everything laughter, pathos, facts and yet there are heroes too.

The audience I was part of were hooked in with his performance, and there were a significant number who will be returning to see the sequel, entitled Joy which is also playing at the same venue. You can certainly count this reviewer in as one of them.

4 Stars

Venue C SoCo   V348

4 to 30 August

14-05 – 15-00

Fringe Programme Page 269

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