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Thriller Live - One4Review

There are those like me, who though they accept that Michael Jackson did create quite a number of classic tracks back in the day, do not totally understand the fanatical support that he garnered from those spread around the four corners of the world. But he did from many millions of people world wide, none less than Adrian Grant, who had already set up a British Fan Club and was invited to Los Angeles to meet the man himself.
Grant was the man behind bringing this production to life back in 2007, a production that is in essence a 2 1/2  hours concert tracking the professional recording of Jacko from the early days in the Jackson 5, through all his guises spanning four decades of music. There really is no story and if anyone is looking for an insight into the man and his personality then perhaps this is not the show for you. However if it is a celebration of the man and his music then that is a different proposition. The whole bandwagon rolled into Dunfermline to set up camp at the Alhambra Theatre for a short stay and has brought busy and enthusiastic houses throughout each of their four peformances.
It would be impossible to pack in every song that he recorded, either as a band member or a solo artist but nearly all of the classics were visited as the vocals were shared by four main vocalists ably supported by backing troupe of singers and dancers not to mention a young MJ to do the initial numbers, a turned in quality performances. 

If you have a favourite number, then there is every chance that this will feature in the show  and that it will be done justice is a given. The direction and choreography throughout by Gary Lloyd is tip-top in concept and razor sharp in execution, the set, designed by Jonathan Park, although simple in concept, but the use of LED screens  that are encorporated into it give a whole new dimention to the extravaganza.

The whole package is held together by a band of exceptional quality. The sound was superb throughout the theatre and the musicianship was excellant. They really earned the rich ovation they received at the end, as in fact did everyone associated with this production.

Thriller Live is still on tour for a while yet and also still pulling them in in London’s West End. To check out where and when they are performing then their website is and for all that is happening at Dunfermline’s Alhambra, then check out for all the details.

Reviewed by Geoff

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