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13 - One4Review

4 stars


This was excellent, despite being cut down! I must commend the singing, it’s a vocally hard show and the cast did themselves proud with excellent technique and diction. It’s an ensemble show and everyone did their bit with passion and I wouldn’t say there was a weak link anywhere.

The acting and choreography are also top notch.

My only gripe was the sound balance, the drums (bass drum in particular) are far, far too loud. There are two guitarists up there and you couldn’t hear them 95% of the time for the keys and drums. Even some vocals/dialogue couldn’t be heard – I hope this was a one off (Fri show) as it could have been perfect.

On listening to the CD I originally cringed at the whole one-of-each-stereotype characters, especially having someone in a wheelchair (i.e. it seemed like the creators were trying to tick all the boxes) but watching the actual show all my concerns disappeared. It’s all done in a very matter-of-fact way and Eddie is a brilliant character, very well played.

While all the cast are excellent, special kudos go to ‘Patrice’ who has brilliant songs which are so hard to sing – very well done.

Review by Alan.

C -1, 12:25-13:55.

Until 29th August.


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