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13 - One4Review

3 stars

A competent production of Jason Robert Brown’s fun ’13’ from these Staffordshire youngsters.

Evan and Patrice do a good job in their lead roles with fine voices and characters but the whole show is let down by a lack of direction and little acting. Although the simple set was well designed and effective the staging was often boring, if lifted sometimes by good choreography.

Musically a lot of the numbers were faster than usual causing problems with the storytelling, no laid-back funky numbers here. Also, too many times the singing suddenly jumped down the octave (or the notes were changed) which is a huge shame.

The band were good although the sound was strangely tinny (as was the singing – maybe a problem with the sound system as the stage right speaker didn’t seem to be working).

Despite its flaws this was still an enjoyable show with many funny moments, coming particularly from Archie.

Review by Alan

20-26 August


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