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Chez Jack L - One4Review

5 Stars


First a few organisational details. Jack Lukeman is from Ireland and his show in Assembly 2 does not appear in the Fringe booklet because he is a very late addition to the Assembly schedule. He will be appearing up to 29th August; 21.10 – 22.10.

Now on to his show. I have not seen him perform before, but quite simply he blew me away. Within seconds of appearing on stage, I know he has a confident stage presence. As he is performing his first song ‘Lonely at the Top’, I realise he has a powerful and melodic voice with a tremendous vocal range. After a few songs, it is obvious he can put a song across and can convey such meaning to the lyrics.

When he says he is going to perform songs including selections from Randy Newman and Jacques Brel, I know I am in for a treat because these are song writers whose lyrics demand an assured and stylish performance, and this he delivers.

There is one huge surprise in that half way through his act he dispenses with his three piece band and walks around the auditorium as he sings a slow and moving sea shanty accompanying himself on a tiny accordion.

He is also able to strike up a great rapport with the audience. We are joining in the choruses, clapping along and even clicking fingers. His final number is a brilliant extended version of Brel’s ‘Jacky’.

This week if you have the chance, take the opportunity to see his show. His performance oozes class.

Reviewed by Ben


  1. Tricia

    we have been following this guy for years in Ireland, cant understand why he is not a huge star, he is one of a few artists who sound as good as if not better live, always always an amazing show.
    Tricia, Dublin

  2. Triona

    agree totally with Tricia…his shows are always amazing..his live performances have to be seen to be believed…..he has some amaing albums also….total respect for this guy.
    Triona Dundalk

  3. Claire Rock

    Delighted to see Jack L being recognised in Scotland – having seen his many times in Ireland, I caught him at the Fringe last night and, as always, wasn’t disappointed. Great voice, great diction, and he owns any stage he appears on! Don’t miss him.

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