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Men of War : Scratch - One4Review

4 Star ****

This is a late night sketch show starring David Schaal, Cariad Lloyd, Stephen Harvey and Gareth Kane, four accomplished comedy actors who are pulling in large and enthusiastic crowds even at their late performance time.

There is a wide variety of well written and performed sketches, some extremely funny, some a bit surreal and I really liked what was I suppose the running gag, but this one gradually developed and crossed into other sketches too.

The pace of the show never flagged, the scenes were slick and the performers were really enjoying themselves, sometimes I suspect a little too much.

The night I was in I suspected that there was a bit of extra stuff creeping in, as on more than one occasion they had to pause until the on stage giggles subsided, which the audience in general loved, but it slightly detracted form the show for me. However there was enough overall enjoyment to carry the show comfortably.

There does seem to be a resurgence of sketch comedy this Fringe and I have seen quite a lot of it. ‘Men of War’ was certainly up towards the very top of this genre.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beside V 33

Until 28 August

23:00 to 00:00

Fringe Brochure P 117

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