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Teechers - One4Review

Four Stars


Young Pleasance exists as a company to give young performers the opportunity to show off their talents. This year is their 15th year and an adaptation of John Godber’s play is an ideal platform to pursue the company’s objective.

The show bowls along with pace and good humour as it follows the progress of staff and pupils at a modern comprehensive school over a school year. Full credit must go not only to the cast of 27 performers but to the direction team of Jo Billing ton, Kathryn Norton and Tim Norton for maintaining a flowing transition from scene to scene.

A bundle of well-known pop song snippets provide the linkages for the ensemble action which leads to the spoken dialogue. There is a storyline tracing the ups and downs of Geoff Nixon, a newly appointed Drama Teacher straight out of college. He has to establish himself with both pupils and other members of staff. Confrontations and dealing with awkward situations are part of the hazards of any new teacher. These situations are deftly exploited for their humorous opportunities.

A clever device is used to give as many of the cast as possible a chance to feature by using items of clothing as the identifying feature of the principals. Thus a sports jacket was Geoff Nixon’s prop which was passed to and fro between several members of the cast.

This show is ideal early afternoon entertainment and, who knows, amongst the cast there may be some stars of the future.

Reviewed by Ben

Pleasance Courtyard – Forth; 33

4 to 13 August 2011

13.00 to 14.05

Fringe Programme Page Number: 302

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