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Ca$h in Christ - One4Review

Van Badham and Jonny Berliner are husband and wife TV Evangelists, Fanny and Bob Comfort.  Together they explore the dark and dangerous side of Christian Fundamentalism. Bob and Fanny welcome us to the Sunrise Church, where they celebrate the receipt of your cash, explore your insecurities, develop your needs and add a joyous celebration of religious intolerance. With a great deal of humour we are presented with rock music preaching and media presentations then repeatedly asked for cash. Things are done in a fairly funny way but there are times when you feel very uncomfortable. Written by the two performers after a period of research utilising TV, books pamphlets and some actual sermons. It raises the scary point that religious fervour raises its ugly head across all religions. The terrifying thing is that all the figures used at the end of the show are facts. This is a great fun show with live music,  but one hell of a message at the end. ****

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