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Coalition - One4Review

4 Star


The concept of politics and comedy can be a successful one as a number of explorations have taken place over the years and in this new production by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky all the players are established comics.

Set in 2014, Deputy PM Lib-Dem leader Matt Cooper played by Thom Tuck, is struggling to keep his party together with the threat of defections failure to be able to talk to PM and has additional family problems.

He has to contend with Tory Minister Sir Francis Whitford, Phill Jupitus , plays the role with panache, meddling in his affairs, Chief Whip Angela Honrby, Jo Caulfield, true Lib-Dem minister Geoffrey Webb, Alistair Barrie, whose principals are an issue with Cooper, also his protégé Eddie Frackowiak, Phil Mulryne is growing up and the poor put upon Claudia Hood his special Advisor played by Jessica Reagan is getting exasperated with the situation.

Over the 90 minutes running time the comedy values exhibited do not disguise the messages. There are some glorious lines, exceptional performances and even the cameo role of PM Richard Macintosh, Simon Evans, who only appears at the end highlight the almost contempt that the junior partner are held in.

A thoroughly entertaining production, one that is selling vast numbers of tickets also so you better be quick

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Queen Dome

Until 26 August

14-00 to 15-30

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