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McNeil and Pamphilon - One4Review

3 Star


Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon are male sketch comedy duo  who have been around for a year or two now and obviously are confident in their approach to this medium.

Unlike a lot of their genre they do not over burden themselves with props, of course there are the odd one or two in evidence naturally, but they rely on their comedic skills to see them through.

Opening with a song and some banter these ‘down with the kids’ duo do a pre decimal sketch, which kinda hit a note with us older members. Followed by a routine of how they live their lives out with Edinburgh, nice gentle stuff, but setting the parameters of Sam the funny wacky one and Steve the safe boring one, and mutual points scoring ensues.

The pace of the show never faltered, and they delivered some unusual material, a lot of the better stuff involving ‘The Machine.’

Now while there was a lot of pretty decent content, I felt the guys sort of fell between stools at times, with comedy songs, and quasi stand up included in their 55 minutes.

I am sure these guys will never be short of work however and look to see their next offering with interest.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Baby Grand

Until 27 August

16-30 to 17-25

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