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Nish Kumar - Nish Kumar is a Comedian 4 Star **** - One4Review

Nish Kumar – Nish Kumar is a Comedian 4 Star ****

| On 10, Aug 2013

Nish Kumar is a comedian. No doubt about that in my opinion but what happens when someone steals his last year’s publicity shot and turns it into a meme, which for those like me unaware of the term is a viral  phenomenon where people can add their own captions to the photo on a website. Now not all these comments are accurate, politically correct or flattering as you can imagine.

Kumar is British of Indian stock but does get confused with other nationalities as he has ‘one of those faces’ and the meme has not helped him with this. He does address some race issues, lazy school teachers, confusion with other British Asians and the tendency for people to be offended, and a rant as to serial chatterers in a previous show which escalated. He also is not a fan of the like/ dislike nature of today’s cyber world.

Kumar is an intelligent comic, and has a well written and performed hour with plenty of anecdotes, some of which are illustrated with the inevitable PowerPoint which seems to be the vogue, but is totally necessary in this show.

Nish Kumar is a comedian make no mistake and a pretty good one too.


Underbelly Clover

Until 26 August

20.10 to 21.10

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