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The Three Little Pigs - One4Review

The Three Little Pigs

| On 06, Aug 2013


In a personified animal world, it somehow seems appropriate that pigs make up the police force. When two, high profile cops who happen to be brothers are murdered, investigations and interrogations begin. This is the starting point for this powerful and fast moving satirical thriller.

Those responsible for the murder are not obvious and to complicate matters there are two parallel investigations taking place. Could the perpetrator come from within the police structure which seems riddled with corruption at a senior level or could it be the Big Bad Wolf, a shadowy underworld boss originally from Eastern Europe, is involved? Either way, the elimination of these cops seems highly convenient.

Facts emerge as the interrogations proceed and this makes for compelling viewing. The brother of the two dead pigs is given a hard time because he knows more than he is initially prepared to admit. Evidence is gathered from various witnesses who had seen the cops before they were murdered. The witnesses tend to be macho types with the major exception of Sparkles, the pussy cat stripper, and her appearance does lighten the action.

The three actors, James Cairns, Rob van Vuuren and Albert Pretorius give outstanding performances as they skilfully and speedily shift from character to character. From start to finish the whole production is first class.

Reviewed by Ben

Assembly George Square; 3

1 to 26 August 2013 (not 12)

17.45 – 18.45

Fringe Programme Page Number: 329


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