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Alasdair Lists Everything 3*** - One4Review

Alasdair Lists Everything 3***

| On 01, Aug 2014

This is the kind of deconstructionist comedy academics would (probably) love (you could call it an experiment questioning what is funny and why). A list of disassociated things just short of ‘everything’ (there is only an hour, after all), which should be about as funny as your shopping list. There is nothing else, merely the list (no repeats, an hour on the dot). No comments or commentary from Alasdair, and the same dry, measured, almost-hesitant delivery of each and every item. And yet.

This show was in fact rather enjoyable, and strangely mesmerising. Time went much faster than I expected, and I found myself wondering how I would continue the list, playing the game and always coming up with something completely different to Alasdair. I wonder if on another day the list would be different, since at least some of those items seemed to be created on the spot.

I believe this show would be better still with a fuller audience than attended this first performance, since one of the things that makes it funny is other people’s reactions. Nothing like someone else’s snort to set your own off.

Commendations for not hesitating or giving up or getting stuck. A really courageous show.

Reviewed by Laura

Freestival St Mary’s, 14:30

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